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Eco Friendly

Nanotek was founded on the principle of providing a car cleaning service that is environmentally sustainable. We uphold this principle by delivering a completely waterless car cleaning service, saving 180L of water every time we Nano-Clean your car (based on Sydney Water figures).

We continue to look for ways to minimise our ecological footprint with the following initiatives:

  • Products – All Nanotek products are biodegradable (by European standards).
  • Research & Development – We invest in developing new products and procedures, ensure continued environmental development and sustainability of the Nanotek system.
  • Consumable Recycling – All Nanotek packaging is recyclable. Part of the bottle purchase price we pay is a recycling levy.
  • Reusable Cloths – All cloths used by Nanotek can be washed and reused for years.
  • Vehicle Selection – Nanotek fleet vehicles are selected on the basis of minimal environmental impact. E.g. Australia – Ford Fiesta.
  • A Paperless Office – We have a focus on electronic document storage to reduce reliance on paper-based products.
  • Training & Leading By Example – We train our franchisees on the importance of practicing sustainability measures and work toward increasing consumer awareness of alternatives to traditional car washing methods.
  • “Smart Approved Watermark” – Awarded by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), the Irrigation Association of Australia (IAA), the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia (NGIA) and the Australian Water Association (AWA) in recognition of our initiative in developing a service which actively conserves water.

Through franchisee training and an ongoing public relations campaign, we are successfully increasing consumers’ awareness of alternatives to traditional car washing methods and have effectively created the waterless car washing market segment.

We work with our corporate clients to make sure their customers and staff know that they have made not only an efficient operational decision but an environmental statement.

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